Why Boston Terriers are the Best and Worst Dog in New Orleans

  • Date: October 24, 2022

Walking around the city you will see many different types of dog breeds. I have noticed one Breed showing up a little more often than I remember. It could be because I am now biased as I have added two Boston Terriers to my own home but I have seen a lot more of them and what ill call their cousin from overseas the French Bulldog walking around with owners.

A Boston Terrier is one of the best dogs in a small city like New Orleans due to apartment living or homes with little yard space. On the other hand, a Boston Terrier being a Brachycephalic (Squished Face) breed in a hot city like New Orleans makes them one of the worst breeds you can own in this city.

What Makes a Boston Terrier a Great Breed for New Orleans Small City Living?

Most people living in a small city only have so much space and adding a dog is hard. The great thing about a Boston Terrier is they don’t really need a lot of space to stay healthy and happy. The only place they ever seem to want to be is at your side or under your feet.

If you are on the coach the Boston terrier will be sitting either between your legs or on top of them. I always tease mine to see what she will do if I don’t let her take over my space. She will end up sitting next to me but leaning as much of her weight as she can on my side.

As far as how much backyard space they need to run around it is very similar to how much living space they need. In truth out here in New Orleans during the summer they will not want to be outside long. If you bring them outside for a 10 min walk or let them play for a few minutes, they will be ready to lay on the cool floor inside.

Another great thing about the Boston Terrier Breed is their size. They are a medium to small dog breed. So if you are looking for a companion that will be easy to handle due to being small enough while also being large enough to not break if you step on them. I said that because I think mine trips me atleast once per week.

What Makes a Boston Terrier the Worst Breed for New Orleans Small City Living?

In truth it all comes down to the heat of our city. It gets really hot during the summer. Boston Terrier can not handle the heat for very long. I have spoken with a Vet tech that I know and she tells me a lot of horror stories of Bosotn Terriers and other smashed face dogs ending up in the emergency room during the summer.

So this flaw or negative about the breed really depends on what you will be doing with your dog. If you are looking for a dog to go out on long walks with you in the summer….. well this may not be the breed for you. On the other hand if you are looking for a dog to hang out with you in the ac and playing your apartment well it is a good pick.

Thank you to BostonTerrierNation.com for helping us put this post together. Go check them out!

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