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We have one of the largest selection of Adult costumes in New Orleans. Do you need an awesome plus size costume up to 4XL? Trying to find a couples costume, well drag your significant other into Humbug Costumes. Steampunk, Mask, Wigs, we have it all and Humbug Costumes. We are open all year to cover everything thing from Mardi Gras, Halloween, Christmas, and even a few red dresses in case you need one to run through the city.

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Why Boston Terriers are the Best and Worst Dog in New Orleans

Walking around the city you will see many different types of dog breeds. I have noticed one Breed showing up a little more often than I remember. It could be because I am now biased as I have added two Boston Terriers to my own home but I have seen a lot more of them…

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The History Of Steampunk Couples Costumes And Why Are They So Popular

Are you looking for a Halloween or Mardi Gras costume but don’t know what to wear? Why not try a steampunk couples costume? Steampunk costumes are some of the most popular costumes around, and for good reason. They are always unique and eye-catching. But where did these costumes come from, and why are they so…

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What Are Traditional Mardi Gras Costumes

Mardi Gras is a traditional festival that is celebrated in many parts of the world but is most commonly associated with New Orleans. The festival typically involves parades, costumes, and balls, and often includes a large amount of alcohol consumption. Traditional Mardi Gras costumes usually consist of brightly colored clothing, masks, and feathers. Many people…

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Halloween in New Orleans

Halloween in New Orleans is always an exciting time of year. Whether you’re just visiting for the big party, or live here year round, there are a lot of fun events and parties to attend. But, if you’re a visitor or new to town, you may be wondering where exactly is the best place to…