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Mardi Gras is our favorite time of the year…….except in October of course. Our store goes through an amazing transformation. The purple, green and gold replace the spooky Halloween mask and costumes.

Quality and Unique Costumes

If you are looking for a costume in a bag from a pop-up chain costume store we are not for you. Humbug is a year round costume store that focuses on ensuring when you leave your costume is one of a kind.

Here are some of our costume creations:

Need a Costume Idea for Couples or Groups?

Again you can buy a cheap costume in a bag and look like everyone else, or you can let us help. Tell us your idea or if you don’t have one ask us. Either way when you leave it’s with luxury Halloween costume that no one else is going to have. Check out some Halloween costume ideas for a couple or group?

Here are some of our costume creations: